Cloud hosting is one of the biggest trends in the IT industry. More and more companies – from small startups to large enterprises – are moving to the cloud and benefiting from its advantages. The cloud hosting services are dedicated to companies from all industries who need to improve their IT infrastructure, reduce time-to-market, or decrease costs of on-premise servers. This solution is also recommended for companies which expect an increase in traffic shortly. What can you gain deciding on cloud hosting?

4 key benefits for your company

#1 Scalability. The cloud is scalable and adjusts its capacity to your needs. If you’re expecting an increase in traffic, the cloud will be the best option for your company.

#2 Flexibility. To use the cloud, you need only an Internet connection. Thus, you can access your software anytime and anywhere, from any device.

#3 Automation. The automated infrastructure configuration will allow your IT team to focus on other activities.

#4 Serverless and no pay up-front. You pay only for the capacity that you use – this solution is perfect both for startups and for big enterprises.

When to postpone it?

Don’t decide on moving to the cloud only because it’s popular. It is possible that you don’t need this solution, or you should postpone the decision. If you have invested in in-house server farms, you don’t expect an increase in traffic, or your on-premise solutions work well – you may not need cloud hosting now. To be sure which solution will be the best for your company, contact a reliable cloud provider who will analyse your situation and recommend the best solution.