On the contrary to the internal on-premise solutions, the cloud-based system is entirely external. It means that our data is stored by a hosting company which deals with cloud development. The cloud solutions are more and more popular and chosen by companies of any size. However, to protect your data, it is important to discuss ways of improving cloud security with your cloud provider. We have chosen 4 tips that help you improve your company’s cloud security.


1. Understand the differences

From the very beginning, you need to be aware that a cloud-based system is not the same as the on-premise platform. The first one offers external data storage, and the second stores data internally. Therefore, security teams must adapt their way of working to the new environment. To manage risk effectively, there is a need to deploy the comprehensive security tools that won’t slow down the work of engineers.

2. Be careful who you trust

Choosing a cloud computing company must be preceded by thorough research. Be sure that the company offers not only attractive prices but also solid data security. Verify the security certificates that the company claims to possess and ask about their experience or security obligations. Moreover, get the reference from other clients and read opinions online. When it comes to security, don’t choose the cheaper offer but decide on the most secure.

3. Train your employees

The employees must be aware of the threats connected with using the cloud. Most often cloud security incidents result from ignorance, not in bad intentions. Be sure that your employees are well-prepared for working in a cloud-based environment and aware of cloud security best practices.

4. Remember to backup your data

How not to lose control of your data? Backup it. This simple solution can save your data, and this is one of the most efficient ways for better cloud security. This step is recommended both for small startups and large enterprises – for all who store data and want to be sure that they won’t lose it.