Is it possible to meet the expectations of each company in the world? Of course, it is! However, such an action requires creating an offer with a broad range of services. To face the business challenges of companies from different industries, enterprises who deal with cloud development adjust their offers to the clients’ needs. What are the 2020 most popular cloud services?

Top 7 cloud services

#1 Cloud Adoption. The cloud developer conducts the migration process to the chosen vendor’s cloud (e.g. AWS or Azure).

#2 Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD). The software company builds a cloud environment for the deployment of applications.

#3 Cloud-Native App Development. This service includes the creation of upgraded, deployed, and optimised applications adjusted to the pace of your business processes.

#4 DevOps Services. This solution is dedicated to companies that need to take care of their IT infrastructure.

#5 Hybrid Cloud. Choosing a hybrid cloud, you can use both on-premise servers and the vendor’s cloud to have better control over your data.

#6 Microservices. This service is dedicated to those who appreciate flexible solutions and short time-to-market. Microservices are based on the idea of small applications.

#7 Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC). The software company can write scripts and applications to automate the preparation of the infrastructure.

How to choose the best cloud services?

If you are looking for good advice, find a company which specialises in cloud development and offers a broad range of cloud services. Are you interested in any of the given services? Contact Hicron, a company that offers all of them and recommends solutions tailored to your business needs.