What would you say if your cloud developer asked you to decide about a cloud service model? If you have no idea what to answer, check our guide to understand differences between three cloud service models – IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS – and choose the option which is the best for your business.

Iaas: Infrastructure as a Service

The cloud developer provides a company with complete infrastructure (servers, networks, storage) that can be used for creating applications, controlling the operating system, etc. With IaaS, you can easily adjust the scalable infrastructure to your business needs without spending money on physical hardware.


Paas: Platform as a Service

The company outsources a platform for app development. Your engineers can build, manage, and test the applications focusing on creating solutions instead of server optimisation. This solution helps to save time by providing a ready-to-go environment for apps development. It means that the cloud developer doesn’t have to worry about the maintenance any more.

SaaS: Software as a Service

This model is dedicated to the companies that are looking only for software, such as Gmail or Microsoft Office 365. The user can only use the service, with no modifying. However, if you need to create documents in a spreadsheet or a text editor, SaaS is enough. With this cloud service model, you can get access to your data anytime and anywhere.

Which model is the best to choose?

There is no single correct answer to this question. Choosing the cloud service model depends only on your business needs. Consider the way your company uses applications and define your goals. The cloud should solve your current problems, improve your business processes, and reduce time-to-market. If you need a solution for apps’ creations and deployment, PaaS will be the best choice. If your company needs applications (e.g. Microsoft Office 365), choose SaaS. Finally, IaaS will suit the companies that deal with controlling, managing, and scaling infrastructure.