Data security is one of the most important issues covered by the companies which are going to move to the cloud. For many sceptical entrepreneurs, the digital environment seems not to be secure. However, the largest US companies from the Fortune 500 list use cloud hosting services, and we can be sure that the security of data is their priority. Cloud hosting can be secure only if we choose a reliable and experienced provider who will take care of our business and tailor the solution to our needs.

Public vs private cloud

There are three main types of cloud hosting: public, private, and hybrid. Public cloud is available for all customers of the cloud’s provider. This one is inexpensive, scalable, and reliable, but also not as secure as a private cloud. If you want to protect your sensitive data, you should choose a private cloud which will be dedicated only to your company. There is also a third option, a hybrid cloud, which is often considered as a happy medium. With a hybrid cloud, you can use both public and private servers, and decide which kind of data should be stored in the private one. This solution allows you to secure your sensitive data and ensures cost-effectiveness.

How to secure my data in the cloud?

To be sure that your data is secure, cooperate with a cloud hosting provider who is reliable, experienced, and recommended by other clients. Do some research, verify the provider’s security certificates, and ask for a personal offer tailored to the specific needs of your business.