The cloud is a scalable, available, and convenient solution for companies which want to be up to date and connected. The cloud is where the Internet connection is, which means that you can work from any place and any device you want – anytime and anywhere. To learn more about the cloud, we are going to focus on the most popular pros and cons of this solution. When you decide on the cloud deployment, don’t forget to ask your cloud developer about the given advantages and disadvantages.

3 pros of the cloud

The cloud gives us the freedom to choose a preferred way of working. We are not limited any more by workplace or servers’ capacity – the cloud helps us to adjust modern solutions to our needs. What are the most popular advantages of the cloud?


  • Availability – we’re repeating ourselves but isn’t it wonderful to have constant and instant access to your apps from any place and device? All that you need to use the cloud is the Internet connection.
  • Scalability – the cloud can meet your business demands by adjusting its level of capacity to the growing or shrinking network traffic.
  • Shorter time-to-market – the deployment of applications within the cloud is much faster than using on-premise solutions. Your team doesn’t need to spend time on server optimisation but can use the scalable cloud.


3 cons of the cloud

Everyone is talking about the cloud’s advantages, but this solution (like all the other solutions) is not flawless. Focus on these 3 cons during the first conversation with your cloud developer.


  • Security – on-premise solutions are considered to be more secure because data is stored on the internal servers. The cloud stores your data on the external servers, which means that you can’t solve the possible problems by yourself.
  • Time-consuming deployment – using the cloud is easy, but the deployment may be long and complicated. In some cases, the applications must be rewritten or rebuild, but it is the cost of high-quality solutions.
  • Expensive solution – if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, the cloud may not fulfil your needs. The cloud is convenient, scalable, and available, but also quite expensive.